THE JAM - In The Crowd

THE JAM - 'In The Crowd' (Polydor POLD 5008) Nov 1978

'In The Crowd' was The Jam's first foray into psychedelia, a genre they would visit now and again until their split in '82.

This particular song was part of the successful 'All Mod Cons' LP released in November 1978. It's notable for it's change in tempo midway through the song from a pop ballad to something much more manic with reverberation, a backwards guitar solo and eerie spoken words burried in the mix.

THE JAM - In The Crowd


  1. This is a truly great lp. That tracklist on the label could easily be off a 'greatest hits'. Paul Weller looks too cool on the cover. These days, well... that's a different story.

    Also interesting to notice the melodical reference to 'Johnny Thunders' (Kinks) in the song.


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