Imagine my surprise when I discovered today that a Swedish psych collector recently started an online auction site titled 'Renaissance Fair'.....So I've decided that there can only be one 'Renaissance Fair' in the world and it will be his online auction site. I've checked it out and it looks promising. Here's a link:


This means that my blogspot has undergone a name change to 'Flower Bomb Songs'.

This is in keeping with my Byrds fascination. 'The Flower Bomb Song' is a documented David Crosby song that The Byrds refused to record. Marty Balin from The Jefferson Airplane also turned it down for his band.

So 'FLOWER BOMB SONGS' it is then.

Anyone who has my site as a link to their site please change the title accordingly. Anyone else who wishes to form an alliance with 'Flower Bomb Songs' let me know.

leave no turn unstoned......EXPO67


  1. Have just updated on my link list thanks...

  2. Thanks Sir, I've added your blog to my list


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