ECHO and the BUNNYMEN - Simple Stuff

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - 'Rescue' / 'Simple Stuff' (Korova KOW1) May 1980

Formed in Liverpool in the late 70s (with a drum machine called Echo) they quickly established themselves as a band to watch. Thankfully, by the time of 'Rescue' they had dropped the drum machine in favour of a real drummer called Pete De Freitas.

'Simple Stuff' was a non LP B-Side and showed The Bunnymen's darker, psychedelic guitar rock side.


  1. Possibly a strange requst, but if you still have it handy can you please tell me roughly how long the single version of Echo & The Bunnymen's "Rescue" runs to? Many thanks.

  2. 'Rescue' clocks in @ 3:40


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