THE CHURCH - 'Tear It All Away' (Carrere CAL 130) 1981

Aussie band The Church became an obsession of mine in the early 80s mainly because they had a glorious 12 string Rickenbacker jangle and wore paisley shirts.

Steve Kilbey also wrote some amazing songs and none were better than 'Tear It All Away' which was part of their debut LP, simply called The Church (in England) or 'Of Skins And Heart' (in Australia).
Listen to the sparkling Marty Willson-Piper jangle nirvana and Peter Koppes' faultless lead guitar solo that elevates this song way up among the best post punk songs of the 80s.
The Church were simply ahead of their time.

I found the promo video for 'Tear It All Away' on YouTube. Considering the year is 1981 it's not a bad attempt. I don't suppose they had much of a budget to spend either.


  1. my favorite band of all time. don't know if you have lost touch with them but they are still going strong. their latest, "untitled 23" is getting rave reviews. i have been a follower of the band since 85 and this latest has had the best reviews, by far, of any of their releases. anyway, unlike most 30 year old bands, the church are still releasing relevant, awe inspiring material. check em out again.

    'tear it all away' along with 'too fast for you' was a double a-side, their third single and first with new drummer, richard ploog (he has been out of the band since 90-91). both of these tracks feature the chiming ricks and kilbey's obtuse, surreal lyrics. the band can still churn these types of tunes out in their sleep but have moved onto a more psychedelic, dreamy sound. it's really hard to tag.

    btw, if you are into reading rock bio's, there is a kilbey biography titled 'no certainty attached' thats a pretty good read. author is robert lurie.

    great blog, glad i stumbled across it. i have been on a rediscover or just discover obscure 60's music kick lately (resulting in my buying about 200 vinyl lp's in the past few months!) and your blog here is a great source. thanks



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