Over the next week or so I'll post articles from Sounds Magazine dated April 7th, 1984. In this edition the music weekly newspaper featured several articles about the new neo 60s bands emerging from USA especially those from the so called 'Paisley Underground'. Indeed the paper featured a full colour centre spread detailing this particular scene.
It's 25 years since this issue of Sounds came out and I can still remember buying my copy all those years ago. 25 fucking years!!!! Click article to enlarge.


  1. Ah Yes, the Chesterfield Kings.Hey you want to hear an amusing CD. "Lets Go Get Stoned" The Chesterfield Kings doing their gosh darn best copy ever of Street Fighting Man. I think I like it better then the Stones! Plus original CKs' tunes that sound like they have been jacked right out of the Stones playbook...Amazing! Even Mick Taylor playing on "I'm Not Talking. Great piece of work.

  2. Yes, yes, The Chesterfield Kings ... way back in late 1986, when I lived in Berlin and the neo-Garage mania finally broke out there, some of the new American bands visited us in our Berlin flat, among them Thee Fourgiven (not represented on these pages, strangely enough - I still remember their wonderful interpretation of The Masters Apprentices "War or hands of Time" but, alas, lost my free copy of the reord) and The Chesterfield Kings. Later a spare room in our flat was abused for storing appr. 500 copies of a Chesterfield Kings live bootleg. I don't know what became of the records or their anonymous "owner". Anyway, I always thought The Kings were way too retro, sounded too much like the Stones. (Yet, a copy of "Satisfaction Guaranteed" should be posted on these pages, if possible.) Around that time I preferred The Green Telescope. I am still looking (almost desperately) for their wonderful B-sides "Two by Two" and "A Glimpse". Anyone out there who can possibly help me out...?

    Thanks a Lot and best, Ralph!


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