THE SEX PISTOLS - God Save The Queen

THE SEX PISTOLS - 'God Save The Queen' / 'I Did You No Wrong' (Virgin VS 181) May 1977

Second triumphant single by The Sex Pistols to co-incide with Lizzies Silver Jubilee. Not only can I remember the thrill of hearing this as a 12 year old I can also remember the Street Party we had on our Council Estate to celebrate HRH's 25 years on the throne.

THE SEX PISTOLS - God Save The Queen

timeline:In contrast to the celebrations punk band the Sex Pistols sailed down the Thames on Jubilee Day (7th June 1977) playing their controversial version of "God save the Queen".
Radio stations were banned from playing the single but it still managed to reach number two in the charts.
The group were arrested as they left the boat but had achieved their aim of distracting people from the main celebrations.


  1. They had some great b-sides too - Satelitte's a killer..

    Jonesy covered 'Did You No Wrong' (with Axl Rose) on his Fire and Gasoline album in the 80s

  2. Just watched 24 Hour Party People. Such a cool scene with The Sex Pistols playing in the beginning of it.

    Also so good to know that no artist is ever going to be banned on a radio station again without the whole thing being totally irrelevant.


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