THE JAM - The Modern World

THE JAM 'The Modern World' / 'Sweet Soul Music' 'Back In My Arms Again' (Polydor 2058 945) Oct 1977

This was the third single by Woking band The Jam and 'The Modern World' continued their Who fixation with slashing guitar from Weller on top of a punk backbeat. The song had been considered for the B-Side of the second release 'All Around The World' and was recorded for a John Peel session in April 1977. But the band must have decided to elevate the song as a single in it's own right.
Unfortunately 'The Modern World stalled at number 38 in the UK Chart. The flip contains two soul covers that do nothing for me but was evidence that Weller was one of the few musicians in '77 with a fondness for Motown and Northern Soul.

Special mention also for the rather good Warhol(esque) picture cover.

THE JAM - The Modern World


  1. actually the b-side chosen for all around the world was fine, it's
    one of my favorite lesser known songs by the Jam


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