JOURNEY TO A HIGHER KEY - 'The Best of Sitar Psychedelia: Volume 1 (Nava Rasa Records) 1998

Mention the word 'sitar' to your local knuckle draggin' garage inbreed and you'll probably get laughed at then stabbed by one of his/her cuban heels.
I too, was one of those garage inbreeds in an earlier embodiment but I strangely always had a relaxed mynd to seek out psychedelia and in particular music containing a sitar.

This rare and obscure comp LP came out in the late 90s with a limited pressing of 350 copies. Try finding one now! They're rarely offered for sale.

The track I've chosen to represent the album is 'Barshat' by a Swedish mushroom munchin' sage called Handgjort. It's from his impossible to find 1970 LP on Silence Records.

So get out your bong and light up, for you're about to be taken to a higher key.



  1. Hi!

    The name is actually Handgjort in one word and means "made by hand" or "home made"

  2. Thanks for the correction. I've updated accordingly.


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