I suppose Blogs come and go and mine is no different. It's all a little pointless around here and it's become clear to me that a fanzine type blog with interviews, rare photos and researched information about garage/psych bands is not what people want.
Now if I was someone uploading full albums/CDs including artwork etc I might have a full comments box and sycophants falling over themselves to say how great 'Renaissance Fair' was/is.....

So for now I'm putting my blog on hold. Who knows I may regain the spark in the future??


  1. Aw crap man! Your blog inspired me to keep mine going. Bummer! Though I understand the sentiment having run a fanzine off and on in the 80's & 90's. Hope to see/read you back. Cheers!

  2. Colin, I can't speak for other people but I've enjoyed your blog a lot, especially the 45 reviews. And the parts about the Byrds, of course. I've bought at least a couple of 45s (UTS, Adrian Pride) after reading your introductions.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers

  3. Colin, don't do it! Yours is one of the few blogs out there which actively propagates The Great Cause: redeeming the 80s/90s Garage Revival from the smudged backpages of history.
    I have in the past left a few comments on your blog, but you never bothered to answer back...

  4. Colin---

    Man, I love your blog and I hate to see it stop! But I understand the frustration. Maybe you just need to take a break. Whatever happenz, thankx for everything. I wish you the best...

    Your friend

    Best alwayz---

    "mad" louie

  5. I'm sorry you are closing down your site. I am putting together a similar site, and your work has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  6. Just to let you know that there are some of us out here that have appreciated your efforts and should you reconsider will continue to appreciate them.


  7. do you sell "los covers'" ep?
    do you change it for other ep?
    please write te me

  8. Well, your Lyrics interviews a while back were top-notch!! You're a class act; I for one appreciate the care you've put into this site. I check it regularly, and have commented a few times over the months... so I'll be sad to see you go.

  9. a sad time for sure, i found your words inspiring, informative & have continuously used them as a source of reference to explore & find new old music, if you get my drift, since i discovered your site around a year ago. i am very sorry you're calling it a day, and will miss visiting your site. i have left comments quite a few times (altho you removed my last one on george best!) but i do understand your frustrations. i hope the site will continue so i/we can revisit your posts, and will you still be doing the cd's?
    matt, worksop
    ps eddie gray was still better

  10. Silence does not equal noninterest in your efforts. There's so little time and much to absorb. Add a wife, kids, dog, 2 jobs, the house, yard, band, etc. See, your readers have lives too and don't always remember to be nice and say things like, 'Hey, man. I really appreciate your stuff on all the psych and garage bands of the 60s .. keeping Gene Clark's name in the public eye .. the interviews .. Great stuff!'

    Why be jealous of bloggers who get more comments (a rare handful, by the way) because they post tunes? It's so not all about the audio. Your blog supports that and keeps the spirit alive with ideas and images.

    Quit if you must, but whining about lack of comments and praise will not generate more. If you keep it going, don't expect them to suddenly blossom in gratitude. It's a selfless task you assumed. Be grateful for what feedback you get and realize that 'There's a rule of thumb that floats about in various media industries that [each comment] represents the sentiments of at least 7 other people.'

    I've worked for fanzines and transcribed interviews and done layouts and half-tones and all that tedious stuff people do to get the word to others. (And done it all before computers had apps to handle it easier.) Not everyone who comes here understands the processes and the time involved to reach a product that's presentable and has value. Don't expect them to, but know that some of us do.

    You've left a fine mark here, should you quit now. Just a final request please: Any chance to archive these posts? That would be rad.

    Sound as ever,



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