BOYS NEXT DOOR - One Face In The Crowd

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR - 'One Face In The Crowd' / 'Mandy' (Atco 45-6443) 1966

60s pop fans will no doubt already know about this Beach Boys infatuated band from Indianapolis. They were a popular draw in their home region and released a handful of singles on various labels such as Soma, Cameo, Bad and Atco.

'One Face In The Crowd' was their first 45 on Atco. It's a surprisingly polished folk rocker with jangly guitar. The flip 'Mandy' reverts to Beach Boys mode and is indeed a classy surf pop tune.

Sundazed released a CD compilation of Boys Next Door way back in 1999 and it's now long out of print. The Sundazed site no longer lists it....shame cos I don't have a copy!