So what's the deal with the myriad of bloggers infesting blogland with free album downloads with associated artwork.
And how many parasites land on 'Renaissance Fair' hoping for a free lunch?


  1. maybe when you speak about great quality of your work .
    some are so curious from 60s sound

    thanks for all info on your blog
    and great quality of covers

  2. hard to say, I do like to sample your wares yes but if I like I buy, search out the vinyl on ebay & record fairs etc; & although I like to think I know a bit 'bout the type of music you feature, I do use your postings for research purposes, which makes a certain Mr Townshend sound well dodgy as I seem to remember that's the excuse wot he used as an excuse when he got caught with the paedo stuff. Now THERE are real parasites....? compared to peeps downloading a few songs

  3. Thanks for the comments....all welcome.

    I don't mind anyone downloading pics and the odd MP3 from my site. What I was getting at is those bloggers uploading full albums + artwork for parasites to download.

    The odd song ain't gonna hurt anyone. I do it myself. BUT full albums, many of them still in print...what's all that about?

    I pride myself in only associating and linking my blog to other blogs that feature 45 reviews,band history, 60s art and fashion etc. I would never link my site with many other shady sites that seem to get millions of hits...(presumably by parasites hoping for a free lunch)

  4. Where to start?
    In general terms I believe that those that are really into some music/bands will buy those records that can’t live without and many blogs that share music are done by people that buy music! Of course there are all kind of people uploading / downloading…I wonder about a lot of the blogs that seem to be in a race and try to outdo each other by posting the most in a week or month. I also don’t personally agree about posting very recent stuff, that is first of all available and even more importantly the fruit of hard work and love for the music presented…I’m specifically talking about smaller, independent labels and artists.
    Different when the stuff has been around for ages, not available and/or basically a bootleg. We all know about many shoddy reissues during all these years…
    There probably are the most different reasons for spending time in blogland…I never done that until I ended up in an almost forgotten corner of the Chilean Patagonia with all my beloved records in boxes in a garage in Europe…ouch!
    Therefore I’d be lying if I say I didn’t take advantage of the situation (all those albums uploaded…), true half of the time it’s something I do know and own.
    I even had a shot at my own blog generally avoiding to simply put up a record as it is, and in any case if I’ll keep posting it’ll be quite different from what I’ve done so far, something I did in my last few posts.
    We could go on forever on the subject, let’s just say I like blog like this one where you’re not just reading some copied & pasted info of some band, the year of the record and even the password that some use are all fucked-up!

  5. Thanks for taking time out to give me your thoughts Aldo...

  6. On a side note, I've just had a page taken down by Blogger due to Copyright issues. I'm unsure who complained about what and why it was pulled, Blogger havn't told me that. It was a page with: Rockin' Berries, Cliff Richard, Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, Dave Berry, Johnny Hallyday singles on. I'm guessing it was probably Cliff's folks who requested it.

    So while blogs containing full albums with artwork of cd's that can still be bought in a shop continue to post away, my crackly singles that pose no threat whatsover to the sales of these artists get pulled. You could argue that these posts would engage people with artists who they wouldn't previously have listened to (like Cliff) and encourage them to investigate them further.

    Of course I don't own these recordings, so if the copyright owner wants them taken down then I'm more than happy to do so, it's just slightly frustrating.

    I'm not sure if that in anyway answers the question you asked..?! :)


  7. Interesting story Rich...thanks for that...


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