THE HOLLIES - Yes I Will (Parlophone R 5232) 1/1965
Top 10 hit for The Hollies in January '65 and a typical beat number for the times but done in the usual Hollies pop style. 'Yes I Will' is a Goffin-Titleman composition and a version was recorded by The Monkees retitled 'I'll Be True To You.' Check it out on their debut album.

THE PARAMOUNTS - You've Got What I Want (Edsel LP)
Back in 1983 Edsel put out a Paramounts compilation titled 'A Whiter Shade Of R'n'B' and it's a fairly average collection of beat and R'n'B by a group of teens who would eventually change their name to Procol Harum.
The best cut on the LP was the previously unreleased '65 mod mover 'You've Got What I Want', later covered by The Sorrows.

THE ANIMALS - Gonna Send You Back To Walker (Columbia DB 7247) 3/1964
This song was the flip of the debut Animals 45 'Baby Let Me Take You Home'.....
Walker is a residential suburb, east of Newcastle City centre and is Eric Burdon's birthplace. When The Animals relocated to London from Newcastle to be pop stars Eric's girlfriend at the time went with the band to the 'Big City'....she pissed off Mr Burdon soon after, and 'Gonna Send You Back To Walker' was his response.

MANFRED MANN - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (HMV POP 1466) 9/1965
Most of the early Manfred Mann music is just too square for me. This Dylan cover is fine though.

THE KINKS - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (PYE 7N.15813) 3/1965
This was considered a flop single by The Kinks because it only reached number 17 in the UK charts. The previous 45 'Tired Of Waiting' reached number 1 and hung around the charts for 10 weeks.
Maybe this single flopped because it contains no killer guitar break?

THE HONEYCOMBS - Please Don't Pretend Again (PYE 7N.15664) 6/1964
This was the flip of the massive selling 'Have I The Right'......twangy guitars and echoey production by Joe Meek. He also co-wrote 'Please Don't Pretend Again.'

THE SEARCHERS - When You Walk In The Room (PYE 7N.15694) 9/1964
The Searchers combined 'merseybeat' with 12 string Rickenbacker guitar licks and unknown to them created a new music genre. About 8 months later The Byrds combined 'merseybeat' or the 'English sound' with 12 string Rickenbacker licks and were credited with inventing folk-rock.....

This is a 1964 acetate that was released in small numbers on N.T.B. Records in 1992. The band used this number to warm up for a session but it was recorded.

THE TROGGS - I Want You (Fontana YF 278.128) 7/1966
Punkoid and primitive sounds by some farmers. Wrote about this disc a while ago....

THE PRETTY THINGS - Get A Buzz (Fontana TE 17442) 8/1965
Energetic fuzz monster by The Pretty Things. 'Get A Buzz' is taken from their second EP 'Rainin' In My Heart' from '65.

THE WHO - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Brunswick 05935) 5/1965
What an awesome song. This is a rock and roll thrill ride full of menace and attitude. Check out these Pete Townshend lyrics almost spat out by Roger Daltrey...

'Nothing gets in my way,
Not even locked doors.
Don't follow the lines
That were laid out before.'

Incredible performance by Keith Moon. What a genius drummer.

WINSTON'S FUMBS - Real Crazy Apartment (RCA Victor 1612) 7/1967
Jimmy Winston put together his own band after he got kicked out of The Small Faces and replaced by Ian McLagen. This song is totally demented psychedelia with a mod backbeat. Just too much!!

The flip 'Snow White' is more greatness but this time I hear a Syd Barrett influence. This is freakedelic nirvana.

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - I'm A Man (Fontana TF 785) 1/1967
Surely one of the greatest hammond mod movers of all time.....a classic and simply untouchable.