No Time For Squares - Part 3
More British mod beat action pact from the 60s....some nuggets you may have missed but are recommended by Renaissance Fair. Ain't got no time for squares here!
And this ain't no free sweet shop. This is a personal comp for my own enjoyment and perhaps a few friends. Go and and find these records yourself and enjoy the chase.

THE OUTER LIMITS - Help Me Please (Deram DM125) 4/1967
Mod beat winner with a soul touch.....sounds like a rougher Spencer Davis Group. The band were from Leeds.

PAUL & RICHIE and the CRYIN' SHAMES - Come On Back (Decca F.12483) 9/1966
This was the flip to an average pop song, proving once and for all that most record companies didn't know their arse from their elbow. Classic raunchy mod beat with freakbeat distortion. Produced by the legendary Joe Meek.

THE POETS - Wooden Spoon (Decca F.12569) 2/1967
6th single by mod legends The Poets. Sometimes the wooden spoon is a good thing.

KEITH SHIELDS - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) Decca F.12572) 2/1967
Yet more Decca greatness this time by obscure singer Keith Shields. This is perhaps the best Hey Gyp cover of all time.

DAVE, DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH - All I Want To Do (Fontana TE.17488) 1967
This song is the only decent thing on the 'Loos Of England' EP. Here the worst named group in England turn in solid Beatles inspired beat.

THE CRAIG - I Must Be Mad (Fontana TF 715) 3/1967
Considered by many as a freakbeat classic, although if I was to be picking at straws I'd say freakbeat (ie..beat turned freaky) was generally released in mid to late '66. Maybe this song was recorded then, but released months later when the world went day-glo.

THE CRAIG - Suspense (Fontana TF 715) 3/1967
This is the flip to 'I Must Be Mad' and is more in the soul vein but with some added danger.

CREAM - I Feel Free (Reaction 591011) 12/1966
Break through hit for Cream in early '67. This ranks as the loudest mastered record in my collection. Not many 45s come close to the power on this Reaction record.

THE ARTWOODS - Keep Lookin' (Decca LK 4830) 1966
Cool organ mod mover and only available on the album 'Art Gallery'
THE HOLLIES - Then The Heartaches Begin (Parlophone PMC 7022) 1967
This song was an album cut on 'Evolutions'....and with most things recorded by The Hollies in the 1966/67 period is unmatched beat pop. They leave all the competition behind.
I remember getting the piss taken outta me by a garage pal in 1987 when I played 'Evolutions' one day....hahaha what did he know?

THE HUSH - Grey (Fontana TF 944) 3/1968
Things get a little freaky on this tune, powerful drum patterns and bendy guitar leads make this progressive beat a winner. The A-side 'Elephant Rider' is bubblegummy stuff.

MAJORITY ONE - Get Back Home (Pink Elephant 333.010) 1968
Sadly ignored in England this Brit band had to go to Continental Europe to find interested ears. 'Get Back Home' is a fuzz killer.

THE YARDBIRDS - Psycho Daisies (Columbia DB 8024) 10/1966
Of course the A-side 'Happenings Ten Years Time Ago' is the absolute winner hands down. What an awesome guitar psycher. But flip the 45 over for this fast paced blues rocker, probably thrown together in half an hour.Cool one though all the same.

PROCOL HARUM - Lime Street Blues (Deram DM 126) 5/1967
I've just noticed that this Deram release by Procol Harum was the next one in line after comp opener The Outer Limits...well, well, well what a co-incidence.
The top side of this single was the worldwide hit 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' but hidden away on the B-side is this hammond mod mover.


  1. great stuff over here!

  2. Majority One is quite easy to find in France, i have it with the french picture sleeve (the same as your, with the "antar" logo) and the belgian one

    Dave Dee, Micky...did also two other very good cuts,"he's a raver" and "shame" b-sides of "okay!" and "save me"

  3. Killer stuff as always sir, impeccable tastes!
    The Craig are amazing!

  4. Welcome Devil Dick (a phrase I'd never thought I'd ever say) I've linked you to my've got some strange things goin' on over at your blog plus I think you've overdone the lippy...but I must say red suits you.

    Also thanks for the comment Wilthomer.I'm a regular visitor to your site. Just wished that you'd posted more often.


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