No Time For Squares - Part 2

More beat, pop and psych for you all to look out for hidden away on B-sides or long forgotten A-sides. Everything here is English apart from The Gaylords from Scotland and David McWilliams who was from Northern Ireland.
FIRST GEAR - Leave My Kitten Alone (Pye 7N 15703) 10/1964
Wow, what an absolute killer beat tune. All is very merseybeat and safe until session man Jimmy Page cranks up an awesome guitar break that goes off like an incendiary device. This was released the month I was born.

DAVID JOHN & the MOOD - Pretty Thing (Vocalion V9220) 5/1964
Primitive R'n'B....Sky Saxon sounds like the singer.

SHEL NAYLOR - One Fine Day (Decca F.11856) 8/1964
More coolness from 1964 but just like this record Shel Naylor would remain lost in time.

THE BEATLES - Things We Said Today (Parlophone R 5160) 7/1964
One of the very best Paul McCartney love songs only this is killer beat of the highest order. This tune can be found on the flip of 'A Hard Day's Night'

DOWNLINERS SECT - Find Out What's Happening (Columbia DB 7415) 11/1964
3rd single by the Sect and of course a flop. Those 60s kids were too much into fluff for this purist R'n'B. Maybe the daft deerstalker hat gimmick put off the buying public.

THE GAYLORDS - He's A Good Face, But He's Down And Out (Columbia DB 7805) 12/1965
For those of you who don't know a 'Face' was English slang for 'mod'.... This was their last single before relocating to London and changing their name to The Marmalade.

THE WHO - Out In The Street (Brunswick LAT 8616) 1965
This song was the album opener of 'My Generation'....killer beat touching on to a brand new sound with all of that feedback and distortion.

WAYNE FONTANA & the MINDBENDERS - She's Got The Power (Fontana TE 17449) 1964
This cool beat number can be found on the 'Game Of Love''s a shame they never recorded more songs like this long lost treasure.

THE HOLLIES - So Lonely (Parlophone R 5322) 8/1965
The Hollies were so good they could afford to place outstanding songs on B-sides. You'll find 'So Lonely' on the flip of the big hit 'Look Through Any Window'....GREAT guitar sound.

DAVE BERRY & the CRUISERS - Hidden (Decca F.12337) 1/1966
AWESOME beat moodiness from Dave Berry...fantastic production, magical vocals and well, just sheer class. So why the fuck was it 'hidden' on a B-side?? and why is it usually ignored for any Dave Berry 'Best Of'?? All of those kiddie Americans who released so called 'moody' records couldn't even come close to 'Hidden'.

THE SORROWS - Let Me In (Piccadilly 7N 35336) 8/1966
Released just after England won the World Cup in 1966. So why didn't the English celebrate the national success by buying this record...what a bunch of losers...stick to buying your fuckin' Lulu and Tom Jones.....THEE best R'n'B band England has ever produced.

THE TREMELOES - As You Are (CBS 3234) 1/1968
This song demonstrated that pop pickers The Tremeloes could also mix it with some pop psych sounds. Sadly one of their first flop singles.

PAUL & BARRY RYAN - Madrigal (MGM 1385) 2/1968
Toytown pop psychedelia with just a hint of Syd Barrett.

DAVID McWILLIAMS - Day's Of Pearly Spencer (Sono Play SN-20.056) 9/1967
At last a hit record!!! This one did well over most of Europe aswell. David McWilliams came up with mixing a simple folk song with strings and weird vocal effects to produce his masterpiece.