THE GAUNGA DYNS - "Rebecca Rodifer" / "Stick With Her" (Busy-B Zap 2) June 1967

I recently made contact with Gaunga Dyns guitarist and main songwriter Steve Staples. I emailed a him a whole load of questions to get his Gaunga Dyns experience and I planned to share his thoughts with readers of my blog. Sadly he never replied.....
*** since I wrote this entry a wikipedia page has been created with loads of information here

The Gaunga Dyns were based in New Orleans and recorded for the same label that released collectable records by The Leather Pages, Peabody and The Plastic Blues Band.

'Rebecca Rodifer' has been one of my favourite jangly garage sides ever since I heard it on a Highs In The Mid Sixties LP. As usual, the sound quality on those things is not ideal so when I started collecting 60s garage 45s this one was at the top of my list.
The subject of the song is about teenage abortion and not the usual thing to write about.

The other side of the record is the more punky tune 'Stick With Her'....This was a cover version, the original was by a band from Houston, Texas called The Glass Kans.

THE GAUNGA DYNS - "Clouds Don't Shine" / "No One Cares" (Busy-B Zap 4) Dec 1967

The second and last 45 by The Gaunga Dyns is another winner. 'Clouds Don't Shine' is considered by many to be a 'moody' classic. I must say it is a very mournful song that only picks up pace right at the end with some cool guitar.
The flip 'No One Cares' has the typical 60s garage sound and is much less intricate.


  1. This is Steve Staples. I apologize for not getting back to you. I had a lot of changes etc going on at the time. I should have communicated much better. Please get in touch with me again and I'll get all your answers. You can email me or at international vintage guitars of new orleans


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