THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS - I Can't Go Without You

THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS - 'I Can't Go Without You' (CH 002) 1987

As I continue my excavation of the underground garage scene in the 80s I've come across this flexi-disc single by The Wylde Mammoths from Sweden. This was given away free with German fanzine Splendid Issue 3. I very much doubt many would have survived.

I'm not sure if any of the two songs have appeared anywhere else. So they could be exclusive to this one off flexi disc. 'I Can't Go Without You' is the best song, sounding like a rough Euro garage beat outfit from twenty years earlier.

The Wylde Mammoths were:

Peter Maniette (guitar/vocals) ex Crimson Shadows
Pelle Wannerberg (rhythm guitar)
Patrick Emt (bass)
Per Wannerberg (drums) ex Highspeed 5

WYLDE MAMMOTHS - I Can't Go Without You (MP3 320kbps)


  1. Hey !

    Thank for writing about the WM. They were so great.
    Have a look on my own blog : action time

    Don't have much time to publish these last months, but you'll find some WM in here.
    Cheers !

  2. Excellent! If someone looks to hear their 3 EPs, i ripped them and post them on my blog. Here's the link:

  3. These guys hit the NYC garage scene in '87 or '88 just as "garage" was turning into "rock n' roll" (when The Stooges and MC5 were replacing The Chocolate Watchband and The Byrds as influences) and turned everybody on. The chicks screamed and the guys tapped their feet.


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