THE TELL TALE HEARTS - I Get Up In The Morning

This track by The Tell Tale Hearts is only available on a flexi-disc given away free with Ron Rimsite's 99th Floor fanzine. The fanzine in question was edition 7 and is now quite a hard one to track down.
The music on it sounds perfectly fine and is recorded in mono. I've remastered it in my usual way to bring out the best of this fine tune written by Joe Meek and released as a single by Heinz in 1963.'I Get Up In The Morning' was recorded at the same 1985 sessions that resulted in the six song mini LP titled 'The Now Sound Of The Tell Tale Hearts'...

THE TELL TALE HEARTS - I Get Up In The Morning (MP3 320kbps)


  1. Hey, for your information this song also appears on a compilation LP, "Oh God My Mom's On Channel 10" released in Canada in the late 80's or early 90's.


  2. Great ! What a treat ... I thought I had heard everything from the TTH ! Thank you so much.


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