THE SOME LOVES - 'It's My Time' / 'Don't Talk About Us' (Citadel 018) 1986

This was the first single by The Some Loves. Note that at this point the band were called The Some Loves (two separate words) and not yet known as The Someloves. Small point I know but I like to be thorough. It was recorded in 1985 but not given a release until a year later.

The Some Loves were Dom Mariani and Gary Chambers (ex Stems), Darryl Mather (ex Lime Spiders) and Christian Houllemare (ex Bad Brains). Here the songwriting team of Mariani/Mather deliver two power pop nuggets with perhaps the B-Side 'Don't Talk About Us' taking the top prize. This song would easily be a single in it's own right for most other bands.

Recently The Someloves got the re-issue treatment on a double CD rounding up all tracks recorded. I've posted a review of this release below

The Someloves - "Don't Talk About Us" dbl cd (Half A Cow) In the extensive liner notes for this album, the author states that the Someloves' only album, "Something Or Other", is one of the ten best power pop records ever released; that's a statement I can wholeheartedly agree with, and I would additionally include their single, "Know You Now", in the top ten power pop singles of all time.

It's sound is classic and timeless, and pretty much every song is a perfect pop song. I have been anxiously awaiting this compilation (which includes the album, as well as a bonus disc of singles and b-sides - basically everything the band recorded during their brief career) ever since Half a Cow announced it a few years ago; and it was definitely worth the wait! Composed of Dom Mariani (ex-Stems, pre-DM3) and Darryl Mather (ex-Lime Spiders, pre-Orange Humble Band), the duo released the "It's My Time" 7" in 1986, followed by another in 1988 and finally the album in 1990 (which spawned a pair of singles).

While the album was originally released to unanimously rave reviews, the band refused to play live, for which the label dropped them, essentially killing the band (and driving a wedge between the two friends in the process). Old wounds have since healed, and we are now presented with a grand package of power pop, and possibly the best reissue of the year!