RAINY DAY - John Riley

RAINY DAY - John Riley (Rough Trade Records 70) 1984

This album by Rainy Day on Rough Trade is sought after and still has not been re-issued on CD. It was a studio project made up of musicians from various guitar groups namely The Rain Parade, The Dream Syndicate, The Bangles and The Three O'Clock.

All tracks are cover versions and as an album it still certainly pushes my buttons. The track I've chosen to highlight is one of my favourite folk rock tunes 'John Riley'.

This version is quite clearly influenced by The Byrds who covered the song on placed it on Fifth Dimension. Listen to the exquisite 12 string guitar jangles mixed with some mournful violin. How could anyone not be moved by this gem?

The musicians on 'John Riley' were Matthew Piucci on acoustic 12 string, David Roback on electric 12 string, Will Glenn on violin (all from The Rain Parade), Dennis Duck played drums (from The Dream Syndicate, he also performed with The Rain Parade at some gigs) and the vocal duties were performed by Michael Quercio (from The Three O'Clock).

So it's virtually a long lost Rain Parade song and it would have certainly dove-tailed nicely on the album 'Explosions In The Glass Palace.'

RAINY DAY - John Riley (MP3 320kbps)


  1. Fantastic! I would LOVE to hear the rest of this LP!

  2. I'm sure some Muppet has uploaded the full album for free somewhere by now.

  3. Colin---

    This was on cd here in the States for a very short time on Rough Trade (US). It is quite hard to come by now.

    Best alwayz---

    "mad" louie

  4. Thanks for the update 'mad' louie


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