I've been going through my English beat record boxes and playing and diggin' a whole lot of sheer class that I've neglected for maybe five years or more in favour of the more obscure and underground acts from America.

The main thing I've noticed about playing these 45s on my new turntable, mono cartridge in conjunction with a tube pre-amp is the overall power and loudness of records manufactured in Britain compared to their American counterparts. UK records from the 60s are far superior in everyway it seems, be it because of the vinyl used? or more importantly for me the information on the label itself.
I really don't think you've heard mid 60s English beat, mod and R'n'B records in all their glory unless you've heard the original mono 45 on Decca, Fontana, Pye or Parlophone.
I was having so much fun mixed with nostalgia that I started mastering some choice sides. It's a great shame that legit 60s comps will never mix the previously named labels on to one great disc. Fortunately we can all make our own 'mix' tapes or CDs and compile whatever we want.
'No Time For Squares' may turn out to be a long running series that I'll perhaps give away to anyone who orders any of my Cavestones, Gear! or Circles comps in the future.
Here's a brief overview of this first edition:
BILLY FURY - She's So Far Out She's In..........Early 60s rocker who was billed as England's Elvis at one stage. This is an undiscovered mod gem hidden away on a B-Side. It was written by Baker Knight of 'Hallucinations' fame..... lotsa crunchy garage guitars and organ...file under COOL!!!
THE ANIMALS - Inside-Looking Out..........Intense workout by Newcastle's finest. Burden's vocals are tough as hell.
THE HOLLIES - I Can't Let Go..........Big hit in England got to number 2 and sold close to a million. All time classic beat.
THE ROULETTES - Bad Times..........It certainly would have been bad times for me if I was in The Roulettes because this failed to sell. Best known for being Adam Faith's backing band.....shame.
THE EYES - I Wanna Be Your Man.......... The Eyes renamed themselves The Pupils for an album of Rolling Stones covers, only they must have forgot that this is a Beatles song but I suppose it was the Stones' second single in 1963.
THE ROLLING STONES - It's All Over Now..........This was the fourth single by The Rolling Stones and their first number 1. Killer guitar break just how I like 'em.
SMALL FACES - Whatcha Gonna Do About It..........Debut release by these London know you're in for a thrill ride from the opening drum roll. The cover by The Litter is not even on the same planet as this monster.
THE BEATLES - I Call Your Name..........Hidden away on side two of the 'Long Tall Sally' EP is this great pop song. Also covered by Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas and in America by The Shags.
THE POETS - That's The Way It's Gotta Be..........There wasn't a great deal of bands releasing records in the mid 60s based in Scotland. The Poets were probably the finest Scottish export since newspaper cartoons The Broons and Oor Wullie. This record is killer though.
DAVE CLARK FIVE - Concentration Baby..........You'll find this primal fuzz mod beater on the flip of an awful hit record. Sounds like it was recorded a couple of years earlier. Powerful and great!!!
MANFRED MAN - Trouble And Tea..........Sought after 'As Is' album track that is never on any Manfred Mann retrospectives. Grooves along nicely.
HONEYBUS - Tender Are The Ashes..........Killer freakbeat B-side with awesome guitar break. Shame the hit topside is fluffy tosh.
DAVE BERRY - This Strange Effect..........Dave Berry was something of a loner type dressing all in black and not having much to do with his fans. In other words way ahead of his time. This is a Ray Davies song and is a cool slow paced beat smash.
THE SORROWS - No No No No..........Fine and raucous R'n'B by these guitar slingers from Coventry (a City obliterated by German bombers in WWII but thankfully Don Fardon's parents survived or we wouldn't have had Don)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - High Time Baby..........Another fuzzed out R'n'B killer hidden away on the flip of a pop soul hit. Search and destroy.
THE KINKS - She's Got Everything..........Even in 1968 the glorious Kinks were still unleashing classy mod swingers but they were lost on B-sides. This was the flip of the hit single 'Days'....


  1. gonna have to seek out the Fury track now, have you heard the awesome, feedback drenched freakbeat cuncher Baby Get Youself Together,think it's just an album track that a friend put on a comp for me who's dad is an old ted & Fury nut but it must rank in my all time top ten songs, until now I thought it was just a one-off from Billy in this vein
    Matt, Worksop

  2. 'Baby Get Youself Together'....never heard this song Matt but anything described as feedback drenched freakbeat makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


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