The Mystery Machine hailed from San Diego and as far as I know this is the only song they recorded. 'She's Not Mine' was written by Carl Rusk and compiled on Battle Of The Garages Volume 3 released on Voxx back in the glory days of the garage revival...we're talking 1984.

When Carl Rusk split from the band the remaining members stayed together and became The Tell Tale Hearts with the addition of Mike Stax on bass.

The above Mystery Machine photograph was taken from the Che Underground, a rather cool site detailing San Diego's underground music scene of the 80s and the two below were submitted by member Ray Brandes...


  1. Although I am a great fan of Mike
    Stax's writing, I prefer this great
    track to anything that the Tell-Tale Hearts ever did. What ever happened to Carl Rusk?

  2. Hey Keith-This is David K, drummer of the Mystery Machine & TTHs. You may be happy to learn that even though Carl lives in NY, The Mystery Machine is getting ready to re-emerge after a 30 some year hiatus, with all the original members (Carl,Ray, Mark & me) except Dave Fleminger replacing Bill Calhoun on keys. We'll be recording & performing some shows in the US & maybe Europe. here's the MM story in all its glory:


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