THE LYRICS - 'My Son' / 'So Glad' (GNP Crescendo 381) 1966

This 45 by The Lyrics (check out the Lyrics article elsewhere on this blog) was the follow up single to the killer 2 sider 'So What!!'/'They Can't Hurt Me''. Don't expect anything as brutal as the Era release because this record is a huge change of direction....destination soul.

Just out of interest Richard Delvy gets a supervision credit for 'My Son'..He played in notable surf groups The Bel-Airs and The Challengers pre Beatlemania then in the late 60s produced psych soul outfit The Chambers Brothers.

This is a sought after 45 for collectors of 'Northern Soul'

Dan Garcia recently gave me his thoughts about 'My Son'...

I remember 'My Son' was re-mixed in three different studios and the final mix was not very good I thought they lost the dynamics of the song and although we had a small orchestra behind us the final mix was very muddy but it was a very powerful tune. 'So Glad' was a filler B side song.

We were going thru a lot of changes at that time 'Mr Man' was doing pretty good on the charts in Southern California and 'My Son' was released on the East Coast and was getting a good response, unfortunately it got pulled off the radio due to an arranger that worked with us for a very short time because he said he helped write 'My Son' B.S.!!!!
Anyway that was the last we heard of 'My Son' being played anywere.

I think if we would have been able to continue recording, our style of music would have ended up more like 'Wake Up to My Voice'. We were all happy with that recording and the new material was just as good.


  1. Terrific. I've always wondered what this record sounded like. The night/day difference between this and their previous 45 ("So What"/"They Can't Hurt Me") can't be overstated. It's really difficult to even believe it's the same group (wouldn't most bands in the '60s have changed their name before doing something so radically different?). Anyway, whether this record is your cup of tea or not, you've gotta give the band props for pulling it off!


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