JAMES BAKER EXPERIENCE - 'I Can't Control Myself' / 'Born To Be Punched' (Red Eye Records 1) 1985

I've decided that 60s garage rock and psychedelia sucks and for the rest of this month Renaissance Fair dips it's cuban heels into the 80s underground garage scene. This was the soundtrack of my youth and it's all still perfectly valid in my own little mixed up world 20 years and more later.

This is James Baker's band or hired guns after leaving or as I've read 'fired' from The Hoodoo Gurus. He also played in several Aussie punk bands before becoming the drummer for the Gurus.

On this 45, recorded in Feb/March 1985 James Baker 'sings' his way through The Troggs all time great 'I Can't Control Myself'....He sounds utterly pissed, probably on Fosters lager. But at least he washed behind his ears and put on his best three button mod jacket and tie for the sleeve photo shoot.


  1. Damn! I feel really old now. I remember my late pal Scott "Rudie" Rosinski running an Aussie "scene" article in his zine "Stranger than Fiction" in '86 and getting a slew of Aussie 45's, this being one of them. Thanks for reopening a ling forgotten vinyl footnote!


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