THE GUILD LIGHT GAUGE - 'Cloudy' / '14th Annual Fun & Pleasure Fair' (Capitol P-1600) May 1968

Paul Simon's song 'Cloudy' got covered a few times in the 60s but this version may be the best. I was surprised to find out that his brother Eddie played guitar in The Guild Light Gauge.
The band were probably named after Guild guitar strings and this was more than likely a one shot deal for them.
The songs are very well recorded and produced by Artie Kornfeld and arranged by Jimmy Wisner (who had produced records for Bill Wendry and The Family Album). But despite the push from Capitol Records the record seems to have been largely forgotten about. Very little information exists in reference books or internet sites.

'14th Annual Fun & Pleasure Fair' was written by Steve Duboff and Artie Kornfeld. They were both part of garage pop group The Changin' Times. Artie Kornfeld is probably more famous for being part of the creative team behind the Woodstock Music and Art Fair held in mid August 1969.


  1. Just got myself a copy. It's a promo, too. It's sun-shiny pop style, isn't it?! great site! ~jack at

  2. Thanks Jack...I like this lite pop psych single a great deal. Not everyone's cuppa Earl Grey but I dig it and if I dig a record I'll write about it.


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