THE GREEN TELESCOPE - Two By Two EP (Imaginary Records 001) 1985

The Wump Records single by The Green Telescope was neo primal American 60s garage mayhem but this four song EP released in 1985 catches the future Cawdor lairds wearing their Dutch beat influences on their sleeves.

The first side compiles two Lenny Helsing originals titled 'Two By Two' and 'A Glimpse'. Both of course are laden with attitude or should I say beatitude. The opener on side two is the quite marvelous 'Make Me Stay' written by Alan McLean. This is surely one of the very best neo garage beat tunes of the 80s revival.

'Got no love, make me stay'...

The other song on the EP is a cover of 'Thinkin' About Today' a 1966 wailer originally recorded by The Outsiders. A great song and thankfully The Green Telescope give a thrilling interpretation.

A while ago Lenny confirmed the line-up as follows:

Lenny Helsing (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Bruce Lyall (organ)
Alan McLean (bass)
Gavin Henderson (drums, backing vocals)


  1. MONSTER stuff, sounds as powerful now as it did when it came through the post from Lenny Helsing back in the day! "Make me stay" is great, it's like Joe Meek came back from the grave and went up to Scotland for one last dial twiddling.

  2. I love the bands Lenny Helsing has been apart of.. The Green Telescopes, the Offhooks and The Thanes... all pure genius.

  3. Hello. Any idea where I can buy this? Having no luck!



  4. The obvious answer is to make an 'advanced' search on Ebay where you'll be able to create a search for this 45. If any are posted for sale Ebay will send you an email to let you know.

    I do this all the time with records I need.

  5. Nice stuff ! I bought this in the mid 80's and still enjoy it ! Cool band.


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