THE CLUE - Bad Times


THE CLUE - 'Bad Times' / 'She's The Reason' (Byron Records 101) 1967

The suggested location for this outfit is Midland in Texas, after all this is where the label Byron Records were situated. 'Bad Times' is considered to be one of the classic garage punkers of the genre so it seems a big surprise to me that it's only ever been compiled on Pebbles Volume 8 and Mayhem and Psychosis Volume 3 in less than steller aural delight. Check out my Cavestones Volume 14 to hear it's sheer power.

Steve Thomas wrote 'Bad Times' and it's the primitive nature of the beast that makes it a killer, from the persistant two note organ, jagged guitar solo and cave teen screams. Check out these lyrics:

'You say you don't have any thought for me today,
I guess I better get my kicks another way,
Bad Times, Bad Times....'

The still uncompiled flip 'She's The Reason' is a Steve Thomas-Larry Grubb composition and sounds like a completely different band. It's a slow paced affair with an overall moodiness and again has that cool organ sound combined with yearning vocals.