CHRIS SUCH and his SAVAGES - Leave My Kitten Alone

CHRIS SUCH and his SAVAGES - Leave My Kitten Alone (Chaos Records 3) 1989

Chris Such and his Savages were really The Headless Horsemen. I wrote about this talented band previously (check out the labels down the right hand side of my blog)
It turned out to be their final release and was a fitting end to their brief existence.
This four song EP recorded in glorious mono and released on Chaos Records in '89 was very much a 'back to basics' early 60s rock and roll beat approach delivered in the usual Horsemen style.

Back in June 2008 I was contacted by Peter Kohman (Stuart) who usually played bass guitar and sang in the band. I asked him about this four track EP and this is what Peter had to say.

Can you shed any light on the Chris Such and his Savages 12" EP...I've read that this is really The Headless Horsemen?

Yes, that's us, plain and simple...just doing somestage favorites. We used to do a lot of that stuff in our extended sets (I'm a huge 50's R+R and Merseybeat fan) and finally started doing whole shows!
As we wanted to keep the Headless Horsemen a primarily original band, at least on record, we created an alter ego band. "Such"was a mutilation of "Cush" he picked up somewhere.

Someone gave us a ridiculously small amount of $$ and we cut the whole thing in a day or two at Coyote Studios. I think it was about the last thing we did. It was supposed to be a 7" and the mix got all screwed up, folded from stereo to mono.

Elan Portnoy played piano and I played some guitar on "Hog". There's a lost 5th track, Arthur Alexander's "Girl That Radiates The Charm", a great song but it didn't quite fit with the others.

Overall, it's one of my favorite things I've ever done...quick, dirty, ragged but right. I couldn't get the vocal right on "Stupidity" somehow, tho, that still bothers me. Everything else, I like...especially the bass, it was a Burns Sonic thru an SVT.

Songs on EP:
Sick And Tired
Leave My Kitten Alone
I'm A Hog For You

Band Members:
Elan Portnoy
Chris Such
David Ari
Peter Stuart


  1. I could be wrong but I could swear seeing these guys in '88 or so with Tom Ward (Gravedigger V/Nashville Ramblers/Blackmores/etc) playing or singing with them. NYC in the late 80's was a dismal place musically. Most of the area garage bands made the next logical progression from "garage" to Stooges/MC5-land and the Headless Horsemen were the last ones to let go.

  2. Yes, that's correct...Tom did ONE show with us! He played bass and sang, so I could play my little Rickenbacker way up high and concentrate on singing.I was keen to get him into the band full time but he had already decided to go back to the left coast. That would have been 1989...

    And we never Stooged it on my watch...

    Cheers Peter Stuart

  3. From Rob Rutherford in Radford, VA I Just have to say that it is a shame that this band didn't last. I just heard the 4-track EP for the first time tonight...incredible. Have had the LP & 45 for several months after my fiancee discovered them. Thanx y'all for some great tunes.

  4. we finally recut "girl that radiates that charm" this year 2013. i would love to get this ep re-released


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