THE BARRACUDAS - 'Summer Fun' / 'Chevy Baby' (Z5) 1980

'Summer Fun' penned by Robin Wills is glorious surf punk with a contagious beat and harmonies. Nothing sounded like this before or since in England. There have been imitators but none came close to this slice of Summer fun. I'm still not quite sure how The Barracudas were not regulars in the charts. This one scraped in to the top 40 back in 1980.
They even got to appear on TOTPs and the action is on YouTube if you care to look. I still haven't figured out what Jeremy Gluck was on during the performance. Too many purple hearts at once or was it just plain euphoria?

The Barracudas certainly got their fair share of column inches in the English music press probably down to the clout of EMI. These two articles have been taken from my copy of Smash Hits, issue June 26-July 9, 1980. Smash Hits was a very popular teen magazine in those days and they covered plenty of punk and new wave bands in the late 70s to early 80s.
I wonder if anyone won the surf board? Or for that matter the 2nd and 3rd prize and had a night out in London with The Barracudas....

Record Mirror - 1980


  1. Hi Ccolin
    Yes, there was a winner for the first prize in any case. I remember presenting a surfboard to the lucky winner at the EMI offices in Manchester Square...For the 2nd and 3rd prize...can't remember!

  2. Thanks for the update Robin...Sure is a classic song you wrote. I've never tried surfin' before because the North Sea is just too cold...ha ha ha.....

  3. Thanks for dropping by Ralph Traitor. The Barracudas were a very important part of my listening experience when I was in my younger years, hell I still play your records to this day.

    The 'Cudas were awesome...

    1. Trevour Varner18 May 2016 at 01:51

      My father played at Expo67...he was in a band called the Barracudas...not the Barracudas i see mentioned here but i cant find any pictures of them

  4. Hooray for the Barracudas! "Summer Fun" will always remind me of going to the beach w/all my friends after the last day of 10th grade!!

  5. Hello. I bought the surfboard back in 1993 off a workmate whose brother had won it in a competition. I learnt to surf on it. It's been sitting in my mum garage for years. I'm now going to turn it into a bench for my back garden. I was telling my wife about it and found this article about it. How strange lol


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