VELVET SEED - 'Flim Flam Man' / 'Sharon Patterson' (M.A.I. 201) 1968

According to Fuzz, Acid And Flowers Velvet Seed hailed from Maine, USA. They even have, according to the writer, unreleased recordings including a take of Gene Clark's 'Feel A Whole Lot Better.' Hopefully this information is correct and one day these 'lost' recordings are released.

'Flim Flam Man' credited to Bourassa - Levesgue is a total winner. It's got a fast pace that never slows from the start to finish with pumping bass runs, wild guitars and weird trippy sci-fi noises. Sounds like bubblegum and psychedelia all at the same time...I've never heard anything quite so hip especially with the male/female vocals soaring over the lysergic layers of noise. Sadly, this was the B-Side and was probably never even heard/played in the 60s.

The other side is 'Sharon Patterson', a sweet psych ballad with femme fatale vocals. Really great ringing guitar on this one, quite laid back and another sunshine pop tripper to add to those undiscovered gems.


  1. This song is a real gem, love it!

  2. Do you think this is a hard to find single? I would like to buy it.

  3. This 45 is a tough one to find and is sort after. Expect to pay about $150 if you see it on Ebay.

    It's gone above that amount a few times though!


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