PRICE AND WALSH - 'The House Of Ilene Castle' / 'Love Is The Order Of The Day' (Dot Records 45-17077) March 1968

Didn't know anything about this record when I bought it. I only took a chance because the title of the A-Side 'The House Of Ilene Castle' sounded like a promising pop psych title and thankfully it turned out to be the case.

I've since did a little research and Price and Walsh were two L.A songwriters named Mike Price and Dan Walsh who went onto some success writing songs for singers outside the scope of Renaissance Fair.

Both songs are from aborted sessions with songwriter/producer Gary Zekley. His name may be familiar with readers from his work with The Yellow Balloon, Jan and Dean, The Clique and Fun And Games.

The Dot 45 seems to be a very hard record to track down but thankfully UK re-issue label Rev-Ola have released a full CD retrospective of Price And Walsh including all of the recordings laid down with Gary Zekley in 1968.


  1. The Rev-Ola CD is awesome. Pick up a copy for sure.

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up Peter. It is on my wants list as we speak.

  3. is there any way to play these songs? After all, what fun is seeing and reading about these obscure 45's if one can't actually hear them? It's nothing more than a tease,,,,

  4. Sorry, but I'm totally against pan handlers and only offer downloads when I feel like it. If it's unknown or obscure and unavailable anywhere else I'll post the song or include it on one of my podcasts.

    I've already mentioned Price And Walsh have had their work released legit by Rev-Ola. Grab their CD if you're tempted by the review and label scan.

  5. Thanks Expo! Great blog.

    Steve Stanley
    (Producer of the Price and Walsh comp.)

  6. Thanks Steve....I bought the Price And Walsh retrospective last year and the unreleased music is impressive and the informative liners were excelent.
    'The House Of Ilene Castle' is still their best song.


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