GERRY POND - The Happiness Song

GERRY POND - 'The Happiness Song' / 'The Sometime Girl' (Reprise 0489) 1966

So who was Gerry Pond? He appears to be one of those artists who released an obscure record in the mid 60s then vanished without trace. I doubt that this 45 had much publicity or column inches at the time.
'The Happiness Song' is a long lost classic folk psych tune with pleasant acoustic guitar, flute and jazzy drums. It's clearly influenced by psych era Donovan, even down to the child like lyrics and vocal delivery.

Flip it over for the less commercial but equally impressive 'The Sometime Girl'. This tune is a whole lot more loose and has a definate jazz feel. Dig that clattering tambourine chasing the free form bass line and more Donovan(esque) vocals.... It's a shame Gerry Pond never released anything else.


  1. Gerry Pond is still making music today, albeit under his new name. He is my neighbor in LA and a widely respected musician, teacher, author, and speaker. More info can be found at Be sure to check out his music!


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