BRAM RIGG SET - "Take The Time Be Yourself" / "I Can Only Give You Everything" (Stateside FSS 501) February 1967

This group of teenagers released this sole offering in late '66 and were gone. They started out as George's Boys and laid down a couple of demos at Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford, Connecticut. Previously unreleased versions of 'Help Me' and 'Sticks And Stones' have been recently compiled on Sundazed compilation titled 'Don't Press Your Luck'...
On this 2 LP vinyl set you'll also get to hear several unreleased recordings as the The Bram Rigg Set. Not all of them work, in particular 'I Can't Explain' sounds diluted and weak when compared with The Who original. They couldn't hope to compete with this classic.

'Sleepless Nights' is a winner and could have been a perfect follow up to 'I Can Only Give You Everything'.

I've never been a fan of the song 'I Can Only Give You Everything' no matter who records it. It's just a song that doesn't do anything for me. That's why you get a label shot of 'Take The Time Be Yourself'.This was the French release and is quite rare. Much harder to find than the release on Kayden.


  1. Just heard The Bram Rigg Set for the first time on the 'Dont Press Your Luck' album. Great stuff!
    Russ Garrett


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