THE ZOO (Standing On) The Sunset Strip


THE ZOO - '(Standing On) The Sunset Strip' / 'One Night Man' (Sunburst 775) Dec 1968

This band released an album titled 'Present Chocolate Moose' on Ed Cobb's Sunburst Record label in '68 but both sides of this 45 were not part of it. Also when Big Beat re-issued the album on CD in the early 90s they failed to include the single sides. Not sure why?

'(Standing On) The Sunset Strip' was written and produced by Mars Bonfire and Morgan Cavett.
Mars Bonfire is perhaps best known for writing 'Born To Be Wild' recorded by and a huge success for Steppenwolf. Indeed, Morgan Cavett also has links with Steppenwolf co-writing some songs with singer John Kay.

'One Night Man' is a Morgan Cavett song.

Both songs are late 60s psych rock productions with searing guitar on both cuts.


  1. Ahh the Zoo! "Got To Get Some Beads" from their Lp is one of my fave explotation topic songs. I never knew they had any 45's though, cool.

  2. I had this 45 but lost it during one of my many moves.

    "Michael from the East gave me the latest news, the man's looking for the young girl. Singing, how many times... will I make this trip. Standing in my bare feet down on the Sunset Strip yeah!

  3. Howard Leese was the guitarist on this track - he went to be with Heart for over 20 years and entered the RNR HOF of Fame with them in 2013. He's currently playing with Paul Rodgers solo band, Bad Company and the #1 Las Vegas Show "Raiding the Rock Vault".


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