THE MESSENGERS - Window Shopping

THE MESSENGERS - 'Window Shopping' / California Soul' (Tamla Motown GO 25.673) Oct 1967

The Messengers were the first white group to sign with soul label Tamla Motown. The flip 'California Soul' is the well known Ashford and Simpson song covered many times and I've read that The Messengers version was the first to be recorded.

I much prefer the plug side 'Window Shopping' which was written by producer R Dean Taylor. It's a very catchy bubblegum pop song and reminds me of early Monkees.
The label scan is of the Dutch release and came housed in a smart picture cover showing The Messengers all wearing turtle neck sweaters.


  1. "the first white group to sign with soul label Tamla Motown": as far as I know, that would be The Underdogs, of "Love's Gone Bad" fame. And if one black member is allowed, The Mynah Birds (with Neil Young) were earlier still.


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