THE BYRDS - I Knew I'd Want You

THE BYRDS - 'Mr Tambourine Man' / 'I Knew I'd Want You' (CBS 1.922) 1965

The Byrds seminal debut record introduced folk rock as a musical genre to not only the Sunset Strip but to the world, as seen by this Dutch release in a smart picture sleeve. The promo shot of The Byrds used for the cover was taken on the same cold rainy day as the pic of the band below.

It's one of the rare Byrds pics in which David Crosby is not wearing that awful green cape thing.
Anyway back to the songs on the disc. 'Mr Tambourine Man', as everyone knows started the whole ball rolling for my favourite band but flip the 45 over to listen to a rather cool Gene Clark original.
'I Knew I'd Want To' displays the trademark 12 string jangle and perfect harmonies.
Only Roger McQuinn from the band played on both tracks. All other instruments were handled by session men Jerry Cole (rhythm guitar), Larry Knetchel (bass), Leon Russell (electric piano) and Hal Blaine (drums).

Recordings took place in January 1965 with a release in the USA on April 12, 1965...a wondrous moment in the history of music.


  1. I'm kind of at the stage where I rarely listen to Mr Tambourine Man now, because being a longtime Byrds fan I've heard it rather a few times. It is remarkable though. I Knew I'd Want You is completely fab, those harmonies are indeed pretty amazing.

    I think Crosby bought the cape after the success of Tambourine Man. Someone (maybe Cass Elliot?) commented that it was really expensive and everyone was superimpressed, so he probably wanted to get some wear out of it, hence sporting it on not one but 2 album covers.

    Once he got past the cape phase though, he had some excellent fashion moments; the Montery Pop hats for instance. Not that I mind the cape-look, per se, but he probably had a lot more to give, fashion-wise, before he settled on the familiar Crosby-look for the next 4 decades.

    Anyway, yes, a wondrous musical moment!


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