THE UNITED TRAVEL SERVICE - Information from Ray Doern

I've been in regular contact with Ray Doern, the former bass player of 60s psych band The United Travel Service. They released two outstanding 45s during their brief existence.

Check out the label scans and other information about the band in the March 2008 archives. Ray sent me this snap shot of The United Travel Service months ago. It was taken at Milwaukie High School where the band performed sometime in 1967.

Band members from left to right in the photo are:
Ben Hoff (vocals and lead guitar)
John Reeves (12 string guitar)
Dale Sweetland (drums)
Ray Doern (bass)

Ray also sent me this rather charming psychedelic poster painted by Dale Sweetland's then girlfriend in 1966. It's a great piece of memorabilia don't you think! Ray has also been busy converting 3 reels of tape containing United Travel Service songs (some studio others rehearsals).

For more information and interviews with various UTS band members visit this web page....