T.C. ATLANTIC - 'Faces' / 'Baby Please Don't Go' (Turtle T-1103) 1966

T.C. Atlantic were one of the most popular Minnesota club acts and judging by their Live album 'Live At The Bell Rae Ballroom' were pretty much a standard 60s rock band with the usual source material of cover versions.

Quite where 'Faces' came from then is a mystery as nothing in their repertoire even comes close to matching this awesome acid punker with it's raga guitar breaks and introspective lyrics. The first line kills. Simple yet very effective.


  1. uhh...baby please dont go its a killer!
    their live album is quite nice too.

  2. TC Atlantic was a great live band, the album Live at the Belrae Ballroom was poorly recorded and didn't do them justice at all. Most of their singles were great though, and they did a great job on the single Mona, their cover of the Stones cover of Bo Diddley's tune. Their first single I Love You So Little Girl is another classic.They were one of the biggest bands playing in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul in the sixties.


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