THE STARFIRES - The Hardest Way

THE STARFIRES - 'The Hardest Way' / 'Something You've Got' (Yardbird 4006) 1967

This was the final single release by Los Angeles area band The Starfires who are perhaps best known for their 60s punk offering 'I Never Loved Her'.

As far as I know the plug side was the Chris Kenner cover 'Something You've Got'. It's not my idea of a listening experience. I just don't get this soul/R'n'B thing that's goin' down. Plus Chris Kenner was sent to prison in '68 for statutory rape of a minor so his songs can get played some place else.

The flip 'The Hardest Way' is much more in keeping with 'Renaissance Fair'. Check out the subtle fuzz guitar and general moodiness of the song. It's a grower.
The producer was Richie Allen Podolor who helped create killers by The Standells, The Chocolate Watch Band, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf.

Guitarist Sonny Lathrup went on to form three piece band Sweet Water in the late sixties.

THE STARFIRES - The Hardest Way