THE HALLMARKS - Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally

THE HALLMARKS - 'Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally' / 'Girl Of My Dreams' (Smash S-2115) Aug 1967

Here's another 45 from the Bosshoss66 archives that I downloaded as a flac and saved the label shot about three years ago.

The Hallmarks, from Oceanport, New Jersey cut this tune as 'I Know Why' in '66 but it was never released, however, the acetate was compiled on Back From The Grave Volume 4.
The 'Grave' version sounds the same to my ears except for the 'groovy shit, like backward sound effects and psychedelic voice phasing' this is a quote taken from the liners.
According to the compiler he thought all that psych stuff destroyed the song.

In my opinion, all that 'groovy shit' makes this bubblegum punker better. Just wish the lead guitarist wasn't so inept. He tried his best Jeff Beck solo but failed after about three seconds.

THE HALLMARKS - Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally MP3 (320 kbps)


  1. i grew up with these guys. Oceanport is one word.

  2. Yes, very true, Oceanport is one word. I am second cousin to Russ Scalzo(lead vocals, rhythm guitar, author of "I Know Why/SSPS") and Joe Scalzo(drums).

  3. Now that's funny, Chris. Running into you after all these years. Are you surprised that I remembered the name of your cousin's single? I'm trying to think of a band name in the vein of "The Hallmarks", my mind is running on, like, "The Elites" or "The Elegants". I thought about "The Saracens" but I think there are probably a bazillion bands called that. The "Country Gentlemen" might be all right...And yeah, I finally did get myself together...took me long enough. DB

  4. Ummmm, you have me at a loss Groovaloo/DB...Do I know you?...

    Chris Golda

  5. Years ago I picked up a bunch of records that were originally owned by New Jersey rock promoter Johnny Dee. The batch included some test pressings produced by Tommy Falcone. One is a song by this group, The Hallmarks, called "Baby We Can Make It Together." It's pretty pop-psych with girls and guys trading verses, and even some almost spoken word, with snakey organ fills in the background. Looks like it was recorded in West Orange, NJ. Pretty cool!


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