GRASSFIRE - 'Smell Of Incense' / 'Aunt Morley's Wheatcakes' (Steamboat) 1969

I don't know anything about Grassfire that I can say with accuracy. The buyer who sold me this 45 said that they were from Minnesota. However, the u-spaces group compiled 'Aunt Morley's Wheatcakes' on Psychedelic Arch Volume 7 and they claimed that the disc had a 1970 release and that Grassfire were from Superior, Wisconsin.
Hmmn, so if anyone out there knows for sure get in touch.....

'Smell Of Incense' is an even slower take than the original by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and less bombastic than the Southwest F.O.B. cover. I dig the cool guitar sound that Grassfire have laid down giving the song an acid psych touch.

The other side 'Aunt Morley's Wheatcakes' is rather a silly song title for an excellent psychedelic rocker. The song title conjures up some kind of twee pop psycher but it's not. This side really rocks out in a late sixties kinda way. Cool stuff all round.


  1. Interesting version, but I kept wanting it to speed up. Sounds like what would happen if Vanilla Fudge decided to cover a song that was already slow and intense!

  2. I was contacted by friend who found this 45 on the internet. I was the leader, organizer and drummer to the group. If anyone has any questions regarding this 45and our video (we are the aother people) I would be very happy to share all information with them. My name is Ed Gallagher and I'm on the A side called Aunt Morleys Wheatcakes. We made sure everyone in the band had their name on the 45. Smell of Incense was our flip side. Believe it or not, they worth more today then they were back then. The band consisted of Bill Forseth-lead guitar, Roger Lynn- Bass, Gary Lynn - Keyboards, Jerry Edwards - Vocal and Ed Gallagher - Drums.

  3. I would appreciate any questions?

  4. Hello Ed

    Thanks for dropping by. I'd like to ask you several questions about Grassfire.

    If you're up for it email me at and I'll send you a list of questions.

    I'll update this blog entry about grassfire accordingly.



  5. I know who one of the band members is. He is my father, Jerry Vernon Edwards. He and his bandmates grew up in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. As far as I know all 4 of the bandmembers are still alive--but don't quote me on that. If you would like more info on my dad or the band go ahead and email me at
    Jessica O'Shea

  6. Hello all - Bill Forseth here. I wrote the music for Grassfire originals, and Jerry wrote the words. Wheatcakes was recorded in a one-day session, and when it was over we were given a thousand copies of the 45. If anyone has an original, I'd say it's rare indeed. Except for a 5 year hiatus I played in bands from the mid-60's up until the late 80's, when I gave it up and went back to school. Even continued to play when, like many, I sobered up. ED - you still drumming? You actually weren't too bad of a drummer when we could get you to stop screwing around. JESSICA - tell your dad I said Hi, and I hope he's doing well. If anyone would like to e-mail me directly I can be gotten at

  7. I saw Ed in a band last year, here in Superior, WI
    Pretty good band and a nice crown. Ed was the best
    musician there but that was no surprise. Ed was the
    only one who loved playing music .. the rest were just waiting to get paid. He is in good shape and looking for a band now who really care for music.

    John Harris 58Th Street Studio
    by the way.. Hello Bill, haven't seen you since we toured together .. Your band was Gusto Flash.
    And oh .. I still want my Valium back ! LOL :)

  8. I believe Ed Gallagher was also on that same tour. His band was called Trinity Freak. I was the MC and Solo entertainment during the break between bands. This was maybe 1980 or before. I am waiting for Ed to email back.
    John Harris 58Th Street Studio Superior,Wi

  9. I saw Grassfire play at UWS(Superior) in about 1969 & was completely impressed (OK -I was 13 yrs old) & went to Nicholson's Music & signed up for guitar lessons & yauzah! Billy Forsythe was my teacher, what a very very good player, taught music theory, chords & melody, etc., no hacker here, an excellant musician. Hey Bill, from Brad Davis.


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