THE BASEMENT WALL - 'Never Existed' / Taste Of A Kiss' (Senate S-2109) June 1967

This talented band were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana although they laid down their sounds at Robin Hood Brians Studio in Tyler, Texas. Most of this recorded material was meant to be released on an album but the long player never saw the light of day.

Only this 45 on Senate was released in the 60s and it proved a massive success locally. 'Never Existed' is a garage pop classic with cool guitar/bass interplay over a simple beat. The liners of the Cicadelic 1985 Basement Wall collection state that Ronnie Weiss from Mouse and the Traps contributed guitar.

The flip 'Taste Of A Kiss' is a melodic Association style pop song.

The producer for the session was Wes Farrell. He was a songwriter of some repute having co-written 'Hang On Sloopy' recorded by The McCoys and 'Come On Down To My Boat' recorded by Every Mothers Son. Perhaps he's better known for writing songs for and producing many of The Partridge Family hits.

The Basement Wall:

Richard Lipscombe (guitar/vocals)
Terry Bourdier (bass) died 2012
George Ratzlaff (keyboards/vocals) died 2016
Barrie Edgar (drums)



  1. The Basement Wall reunited in the summer of 2005 to play at their induction into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. George Ratzlaff's later band, Potliquor, was also inducted and performed as well.

  2. hope you dont mind if I link this post in my blog, cause Im going to post the Incredible sound lp, and in order to add more info/pics (lovely collection you have here brother!)

    Thanks again for your precious job.
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    Pablo, from Mendoza, Argentina.

  3. Both of the bands were inducted into the La. Entertainment hall of fame, not the La. Music Hall of Fame.


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