TIMEBOX - Gone Is The Sad Man

TIMEBOX - 'Gone Is The Sad Man' (Deram DM219) Nov 1968

Timebox released several 45s during the the period 1967-69 but all (apart from the small hit 'Beggin') flopped. They even recorded a collection of songs in 1968 for an album called 'Moose On The Loose'. Unfortunately, Deram did not release it at the time.

All of those unreleased songs, aswell as the Deram 45s were compiled by Deram in the late 90s on 'Timebox - The Deram Anthology' CD. This CD is now deleted and has become something of a collectors item.

The lazy and laid back psychedelic 'Gone Is The Sad Man' was the B-Side of 'Girl, Don't Make Me Wait'.....the follow up single to 'Beggin' which had reached number 38 in the UK Charts. It flopped.

the line-up on the record was:

Mike Patto (vocals, guitar)
Ollie Halsall (vocals, guitar)
Clive Griffiths (bass)
Chris Holmes (keyboards)
John Halsey (drums)

Most of the Timebox line-up reformed in the early 70s as prog rockers Patto. Ollie Halsall would also add guitar parts for the Rutles album and of course John Halsey became Barry Wom (Ringo) in The Rutles.

TIMEBOX - Gone Is The Sad Man

Researching Timebox and in particular their amazing 'Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind' I found a rather special blog called strangely 'Sir Henry@Ed Debba'....
Check it out for some ultra rare and obscure British psych 45s from the late 60s...



  1. just discovered your blog via it's great shakes, and i can only say wow i'm blown away; this is totally my bag, all the cool 80's tracks (just amazing to discover these in an ocean of indie/peel throwbacks) mixed in with real boss 60s garage & psych,mod,r'n'b; i can see myself being hooked; one issue, however, i don't seem able to download any of the older stuff (pre divshare) am i doing something wrong? particularly wanting the escalators track, been unable to find this on any format for years! anyway, thanks so much & keep up the good work, it's much appreciated
    matt, worksop

  2. Hello Matt

    Glad you're diggin' my blog. Most of the blog entries don't have MP3s attached. You're not doing anything wrong!

    I've only recently started posting MP3s. I'm not a big fan of compressed music and will never upload full CDs like so many other bloggers. (what's all that about?)

    I won't ever link my blog site with these type of places.

    Having said that I will and do upload the occassional 45 or album track if I think it's not had much compilation action in the past or is relatively unknown.

  3. Hi Colin,
    been meaning to check out more of Timebox for ages. Is this deleted Timebox CD identical with the in-print title on RPM?

    Heres the RPM tracklist:

    I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
    I Will Always Love You
    Soul Sauce
    Waiting For The End
    Save Your Love
    Your Real Good Thing Is About To Come To An End
    Come On Up
    Woman That's Waiting
    Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind
    Don't Make Promises
    Girl Don't Make Me Wait
    Leave Me To Cry
    Gone Is The Sad Man
    Eddie McHenry
    Barnabus Swain
    Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye
    Poor Little Heartbreaker
    Stay There
    Country Dan And City Lil
    Love The Girl
    Tree House
    You've Got The Chance
    Black Dog
    Yellow Van


  4. The RPM release adds the Timebox first teo 45s on Piccadilly..'I Will Always Love You' / 'Save Your Love' and 'I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril' /'Soul Sauce' but omits 'Misty'.

    The running order is also completely different.

    The Deram CD is official and from the master tapes. It has a nice booklet with some label pics and old music paper cuttings of 45 reviews. The information comes from former band members John Halsey and Chris Holmes.

    I'm assuming the RPM release is similar but can't say for sure.

  5. cool, many thanks; will keep reading & no doubt grab some of your cd's as looks like you got some boss stuff there; and you're right compressed music is pants - long live rich sounding crackly vinyl


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