ROYAL NONESUCH - She's So Satisfyin'

Readers of my blog should know by now that I have a great deal of time for neo garage and psych bands especially those cool combos I was into during the heyday of the mid 80s.

I'm always delighted to exchange emails with musicians from those GREAT groups of that glorious decade. It's a decade that was pretty much shit of course if you didn't know where to look and were swamped by that awful MTV bollocks and hair bands. Stick with the 80s underground and you'll realize the 80s were not as fuckin' embarrassing as you probably thought. (unless you WERE into those annoying metal/goth/indie/pop groups)

Here's my all time faves The Royal Nonesuch (there's plenty of past posts and photos on my blog - check the old labels)...Fortunately they made a promo video of a song called 'She's So Satisfyin'...It was originally done by mid 60s garage punkers The Apparitions...check out the original on Bosshoss's G45 Unwaxed CD set. This promo video was shown on a Canadian Music Channel.....

Just like the original, The Royal Nonesuch never had this song released on a 45. It was meant to be their third single but for whatever reason it just didn't happen. What a shame. It was compiled on a recent vinyl only comp titled 'Thee Cave Comes Alive' on Action Records....


  1. Great stuff- I loved TRN back in the day, too.
    But look what I found on YouTube: a fyne version of the very same song by the Untamed Youth from Audrey Moorehead's It's happening show (and I believe that's her grooving away in the background there):


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