RESEARCH - 1-6-12 - In Research

RESEARCH - 1-6-12 - 'In Research' (Flick City FC 5001) 1968

I first became aware of the strangely named Research 1-6-12 back in the 80s when I heard 'I Don't Walk There No More' on Highs In The Mid Sixties - Volume 3. This was a song I repeatedly played and when I started collecting original 60s vinyl, Research 1-6-12 were high on my list for investigation.

As it turned out 'I Don't Walk There No More' is probably their best song with an immediate impact (well it was for me)... The album released on Flick City, based in Sunset Blvd, Hollywood is a patchy affair with three throwaway songs. Those are 'The Grass Is Greener' a hippie lament about smoking pot, 'John' an awful load of shite about playing a guitar or reading a newspaper on (funnily enough) the toilet and 'Lookin' In The Toaster'...the least said the better.

However, the rest of the cuts on the album will sink in after a few plays. 'Omar' is a trippy psych tune probably about a drug pusher called Omar, the single 'Can You Baby' / 'Lip Smackin' Good' are excelent and I really dig the gentle & laid back hippie psych of 'The Feeling' and 'Highway Song'....the latter in particular is a keen insight into the hippie dream 'gone wrong' ....the singer tells the tale of a young kid travelling to San Francisco to the 'live the dream' only to lose all of his money, having to sell the coat off his back for an upper, then hitch-hiking his way back home in the country..

Most of the songs were joint Morrie Yess/Dick Bozzi collaborations. Yess would drop out of the music industry when Research 1-6-12 flopped to become a Rabbi whilst Dick Bozzi went into Radio, eventually becoming an arranger for A&M Records.

RESEARCH 1-6-12 'Highway Song'


  1. Glad I found this review...My late father, Morrie Yess was the lead singer on this song and It was good to finally hear this track for the first time :-D

  2. Morrie Yess was also involved with the two 45s credited to the Good Time Singers on the In Arts label.


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