THE KINKS - Don't Ever Let Me Go

THE KINKS - 'Don't Ever Let Me Go'

This bootleg CD from Europe hit the Record Fairs in 2000. I don't know how many were produced but the usual amount(s) are in the region of 500 or less. They were all quickly snapped up and now this is a difficult CD to locate so grab it if you ever see it.

Thankfully, for the most part the sound quality on the majority of tracks is excelent with most of them being in mono.

'Don't Ever Let Me Go' was The Kinks projected third single but for some reason it was shelved in favour of the all time classic 'You Really Got Me.' Let's just say that The Kinks made the right decision but maybe should have put 'Don't Ever Let Me Go' on the B-Side.

The song was recorded on the 8th September 1964 at Pye Studios in London.

THE KINKS - Don't Ever Let Me Go


  1. You Really Got Me was released in August, before this was recorded, if your date is right. It must have been replaced by All Day And All Of The Night, their fourth single, recorded a fortnight later.


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