JASON CREST - 'A Place In The Sun' / 'Black Mass' (Philips BF 1809) August 1969

Tonbridge band Jason Crest released five singles on Philips between 1967-69 and all are very rare. Check out their retrospective collection on the Wooden Hill CD that came out about 10 years ago.

According to the liners, Jason Crest were considered to be one of the most dynamic live acts operating in and around London during the late sixties mixing original material with reconstructions of other artists songs such as 'A Hazy Shade Of Winter', 'Fresh Garbage', 'California Dreaming' and 'Paint It Black'....

These songs were all recorded during sessions with the BBC and can be heard on the LP of radio recordings released on Tenth Planet Records in the late 90s. Only 1000 were pressed and it's now a hard item to score.

The mellotron and flute soaked psychedelia of 'A Place In The Sun' was Jason Crest's last throw of the dice for a hit but it bombed and singer Terry Clark quit shortly after.
The band continued with a new singer for a while eventually changing their name to High Broom for one last 45 on Island Records.

"A Place In The Sun" was compiled on Rubble #8

'I've been alone so long
Like time I just go on
Looking For A Place In The Sun'.