G45 UNWAXED - Unreleased 60s Garage Kuts From Acetate....

It's taken a while to mention this monster 2 CD set on my blog but it's now time.
For several years now, Bosshoss66 has been providing flacs, MP3s, label scans, information and advice to 60s punk worshippers around the Globe.
His collection of previously unreleased songs has been painstakingly remastered in sound Taliban Approved BHQS6. Not many people in the world could get acetates sounding THIS good.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bosshoss is a world leader in vinyl to CD restoration. The sheer depth, clarity and detail dredged from these battered old acetates is mind blowing.

The set comes in two Parts. The first Volume contains 'Back From The Grave' style teen punkers where fuzz, more fuzz and a little bit more of that fuzz action is priority for these spotty faced kids and fucked up teen spirits.
In between some of the kick ass garage rants is the odd depressing slow paced moaner.

There's just too many highlights to mention. My favourite cuts on this side are The Nightcrawlers menacing 'Want Me'...The Fanatics organ pounder 'I Believe and 'I Don't Want To See You' by The Blue Embers. Just don't sharpen your knives when listening to these fuzz howlers cos you'll probably wanna go out on the town and slay the first guy who looks at you funny.

Side 2 is filled to the brim with folk punkers, jangle and uptempo lo-fi pop. It's a less hectic side and maybe listeners will enjoy this collection more than Side 1. There's some cuts I've known for years but these acetates sound better and in some cases are different takes than the released versions. There's an alternate take of the well known 'Run Run Run' by The Gestures and an absolutely spine tingling earlier mix of The Fanatics 'Bitter Bells'...hear this song for the first time with the original backing vocals.

G45 Unwaxed is now long gone, so if you missed the ticket to ride last year I'm affraid you're gonna have to kick yourself in the arse a thousand times...I'm a reviewer not a trader.


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