THE FACTORY - Path Through The Forest

THE FACTORY - 'Path Through The Forest' (Heads Together)

Because I've got some spare time this week I'm managing to post a daily installment of English psych (that's the trip I'm on at the moment). Here's a cool one from The Factory.
I'm sure most people into psych will be aware of this monstrous song from the umpteen compilation appearances but maybe not this version.

The Factory were three Surrey based teenagers (the drummer was 16 years old!!!) who got lucky when producer Brian Carroll happened upon them at one of their London gigs. He got them a record deal and they cut several songs. One of the covers they attempted was 'So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star' by The Byrds but this has been lost.

The original tape FX for 'Path Through The Forest' did survive though. They were not used on the final single mix. Brian Carroll used those FX and mastered this classic with the psychedelic 'forest' noises for this posthumous release on Heads Together. This was a vinyl release only and copies quickly vanished and it's now impossible to find.

The original 'Path Through The Forest' was released on MGM 1444 on 18/10/68.

THE FACTORY - Path Through The Forest (psych mix)