THE SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry

DOWNBEAT - 25 Independent Singles From The Netherlands CD

I was playing The Thanes CD 'Downbeat And Folked Up' at the weekend (which is amazing by the way) and was really taken by their cover of The Sparklings 'Now It's Your Turn To Cry'.

I don't have the original 45 but it was compiled in great sound from the mono single on 'DownBeat' some years ago. Folks into Dutch beat really need to get this CD. Not everything is GREAT, infact some cuts would force Vincent van Gogh to cut his other ear off if he was still alive.

The 24 page booklet that comes with this collection is very impressive. Maybe one of the best I've seen coming as it does with excelent information, sleeve pics and band photos. Here's what the liners said about The Sparklings.
'This band came from the prolific Amsterdam scene. 'Now It's Your Turn To Cry' was released twice on two different labels in 1966. Once on 7Up then again on CNR. It's an organ powered tormentor and is simply stunning with it's knife-sharp fuzz guitar and a very strong melody line'.
SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry