DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers

DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers (EPIC LN 24217) 1966

By mid 1965 Donovan was a household name in Britain but he didn't become the world renowned psychedelic soothsayer until the release of the album 'Sunshine Superman'.

I'm not gonna go in for a track by track analysis of this breakthrough LP. If you're into psychedelia you'll know all about it anyway. The absolute killer psych interlude is 'Three Kingfishers'. Here, Donovan goes for the Indian raga sound with sitar, tablas and trippy lyrics.

It's documented elsewhere that Shawn Phillips played sitar on 'Three Kingfishers' but he's not given credit on the album cover.

Twelve king fisher birds shall you have
Dive and swim in the ripples of your laugh.
Oh, I dreamed you were a Jewel
Sitting on golden crown on my head, my head, my head.
Look at the tiny oceans in-my hand
Waves of liquid colours touch the sand.
Oh, I dreamed you were a jewel
Sitting on golden crown on my head, my head, my head.

DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers


  1. One of my favorite musicians of all time. I have picked up some of his recent material- even paid a bit extra for signed CD's. I love his 'reggae' phase, it is some great music!


  2. I agree, Robert--Donovan is one of my absoilute faves, the "Sunshine Superman" album among his best, and he has good stuff in all phases of his career. From "SS" how about "Celeste": "In my crystal halls/ a feather falls...."

  3. I missed buying "The Trip" when it was in print, and I've never found it on the internet, so it's frustrating to find out you're only letting us hear one track! As it's out of print (for many years) - could you upload the album? If you don't want to do this, could you copy out the track listing? Either would be appreciated!



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